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442 pages, softcover
Copies are $30 each, which includes postage and handling within Australia
The Fifth Shadow - Revival
ISBN 978-0-645-18052-7



Forbidden love


The last time Katie meddled with the paranormal, her best friend ended up dead, so there’s no way she’s getting involved in all that again. Yet how can she ignore the spirit currently haunting her when it has the ability to possess her body? The spirit leads her to the past where he reveals who took his life, and Katie must react before anyone else dies at this killer’s hand.

Finally caught out, the killer feels there is only one option left. Who will die next?

            Riley, Katie’s new and forbidden boyfriend, has the ability to heal. Can he save the latest victim? But his ability comes at a high price and no matter what, someone will die.


Revival is the second in the fifth shadow series.

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200 pages. Softcover.

Copies are AU$22 each, which includes postage and handling within Australia.

The Fifth Shadow - Phoenix
ISBN 978-0-646-55506-5

A chilling message

A family secret

A tragic crime

All bring danger

Forbidden by her father to explore the unusual happenings that are part of her life, Katie has always hidden within the shadow of her true self. But when her family moves to England to care for her grandad, her future becomes terrifyingly uncertain and the shadow too menacing to ignore.

                Can she break free from the shadow by delving into the past, or will there be devastating consequences?

And if she goes too far can she ever make it back?